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Based in Singapore

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1 April, 2016

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Holey Moley is a 2D arcade game for mobile devices. It will be set in a world infested with gopher-looking moles. Players will control the main character “Nobby” and will have to whack the endless waves of moles while predicting which hole they will be moving towards. There will be a fun indicator which will deplete over time and players will have to whack the moles in order to keep the fun indicator from depleting. Game is over when the fun indicator is empty.


Holey Moley is a new take on the popular arcade redemption game of Whack-AMole combined with Orisinal's What Comes Around. This is the first entry in our Asylum House initiative.


  • Fast action Gameplay
  • Challenge your Friends for the High Score
  • Extremely Fun and Addicting!


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About Asylum House

Asylum House is an independent game developer and publisher located in Singapore. The company was founded in February 2016 by Joanne and Sogon, and was officially registered in April 2016. Asylum stands for protection or shelter. Our dream is to build a safe house where crazy ideas are allowed to grow from creative professionals, and at the end of the day, enjoy what you do. We are relentlessly experimenting, making plenty of mistakes along the way, and gaining valuable insights everyday. We aim to create games that connect people globally through multiculturalism, raising social awareness and eventually arriving in a cosmopolitan world.

More information
More information on Asylum House, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Holey Moley Credits

Rami Ismail
Business & Development, Vlambeer

Jan Willem Nijman
Game Designer, Vlambeer

John Doe
Artist, Freelancer

Oliver Twist
Artist, Freelancer

Jane Doette
Music, Freelancer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks