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February 1, 2016


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Asylum House is an independent game developer and publisher located in Singapore. The company was founded in February 2016 by Joanne and Sogon, and was officially registered in April 2016. Asylum stands for protection or shelter. Our dream is to build a safe house where crazy ideas are allowed to grow from creative professionals, and at the end of the day, enjoy what you do. We are relentlessly experimenting, making plenty of mistakes along the way, and gaining valuable insights everyday. We aim to create games that connect people globally through multiculturalism, raising social awareness and eventually arriving in a cosmopolitan world.


Early history

The co-founders Sogon and Joanne initially met in an animation studio, before parting ways for a few years. In 2016, they reunited and this time as a couple, they founded Asylum House. They realized that for years they have been working for others and helping them build their dreams. They wanted to build their own dreams, and also create a space whereby individuals are able to build and grow their dreams as well. A place where one feels safe with their voices and dreams. They found that the best quality work comes from small teams in which every individual is passionate about what they do. Often times when teams become bigger, the work just isn't fun anymore as bureaucracy and even politics emerge. Asylum House aims to do away with traditional work policies and corporate culture. Instead, we aim to build communities that can adapt and evolve because they are guided by values rather than rules and have the flexibility to reflect the personalities and interests of their members in ways cultures cannot. Our mission as game developer is to deliver a positive experience to our end users, and that makes the world a better place. It makes someone’s world a better place, even if only for a moment.

The First Year

With no programming background, resources, space or money, Asylum House created and published the first game, Holey Moley in April 2016. It was a game to kick-start the learning journey of programming and game development. Shortly after, the couple decided to do a game jam themselves and see what are the possibilities from what they have learnt. Two prototypes were made within two weeks, namely Colors and Oily Man. Oily Man won Colors just by a small fraction through a voting poll opened to public. The couple decided to work further on Oily Man and it was released in April 2017. Both games, Oily Man and Holey Moley, are only available on Android devices. As of the time of this writing, Asylum House is working to bring their games onto the iOS platform before working on their next game.



Oily Man Trailer YouTube

Holey Moley Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

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    • ""The difficulty of Oily Man is beyond imagination.""
      - Jeong Dongjin, Oily Man Review

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    Development blog showing the progress of our games https://asylumhouseblog.tumblr.com/.

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